Our Research & Development Division at P&M have been developing new products in various types of plastics to suit a wide range of Transport applications. We're not reinventing the wheel but are looking into various applications where weight, colour & surface texture of the finished component adds value and aesthetic appeal to a finished vehicle. We have been re-designing and replacing traditional components made from materials such as fibreglass or aluminium and supply vacuum formed plastic products that are more cost effective. Some of our designs, due to their size, require metal sub-components to strengthen the finished product all of which is performed in-house.

We supply components for Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Police Vehicles, Special battery operated Vehicles, Ambulances, Fire trucks, to mention a few of the diverse types of products we manufacture.

We supply the complete assembled finished product, to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) so they may be fitted directly to the vehicle, saving valuable time & internal costs. From Vacuum Forming, Laser & Router cutting, Laser etching, Fabrication & Assembly...we change the way in which traditional products are made...and make them plastic.

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