Perspex® VA and VE are special grades of Perspex® acrylic which absorb the UV radiation which can harm delicate exhibits whilst maintaining the outstanding clarity of Perspex® acrylic sheet.

Perspex® VE is formulated for almost total absorption of UV radiation. It is primarily intended for use in museums and art galleries to protect exhibits which are sensitive to UV radiation.

Perspex® VA is formulated to have a very high resistance to degradation under intense UV radiation. It is primarily intended for use inlighting fittings with mercury vapour lamps.

Perspex® VE / VA carries a 10 year guarantee that covers both Internal and External applications and is available in a range of sheets sizes and thicknesses.

Perspex® VE grade absorbs 99.99% of all incident U.V. light

Perspex® VA grade absorbs 95% under 400mm

Colour & thickness:  3mm Clear Perspex  (5mm by special order)

Sheet size:  3050 x 2030mm

Half Sheet:  2030 X 1525mm



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