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Dog & Cat Doors

CLEAR PERSPEX with a built in PetSafe Staywell Cat/Dog Door. All you need to do is measure and give us the dimensions of the existing Glass panel, the size of your Cat/Dog in Kgs and we will supply the same size panel in CLEAR (Or Tinted) PERSPEX with a Cat/ Dog door already installed.. All you need to do is to remove old glass panel and replace with New PERSPEX panel.

The PERSPEX panel can be removed and replaced with the Glass if you move.

The PetSafe Staywell Slim 4 Way Pet Door - Glass 200. Recommended for CATS & SMALL DOGS up to 10 Kg.

PetSafe Staywell Original 2 way Pet Door Medium - 700 Recommended for Dogs up to 18 Kg.

Clear Perspex Dog & Cat Doors

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