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 Acrylic Clear Tube
 Polycarbonate Clear Tube
 Clear High Impact Acrylic UV H Extrusion
 Cam lock many sizes and tongue configurations
 Flex Fold hinge acrylic-polyurethane hinge non UV 2 metre lengths
 Clear Polycarb Tube
 Clear PVC self adhesive bump-ons
 Door catch made from clear high impact acrylic
 Round rod
 Flex fold hinge clear UV
 Hasp & Staple clear high impact acrylic
 H-mould clear
 J-bar clear acrylic 2 meter lengths
 Copy of J-bar clear acrylic 2 meter lengths
 Copy of keyhole adaptor clear acrylic
 Piano hinge
 Piano hinge clear high impact acrylic
 Plastic hinges clear UV Acrylic
 Plastic hinges white UV acrylic
 Plastic Hinges Black UV Acrylic
 Round Knob
 Round Knob Clear
 Square Rods
 Copy of Square Tube
 Standard Hinge
 Acrypull Handle Clear Acrylic 91X51mm
 Acrypull Handle Clear 11X70mm
 Acrypull Handle Clear 13X89mm
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