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Engraving & Etching Australia-Wide

3D engraving is helpful for creating etched goods with extra texture and impact. Create complicated, custom designs using a local service to engrave characters, logos, images, and text onto a wide range of materials.

P&M Plastics is privately owned and operated right here on the Gold Coast. Situated in Burleigh, we offer 3D engraving services to individuals and businesses and are happy to ship Australia-wide.

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3D Laser Engraving & Etching Services

Materials to choose from

P&M Plastics on the Gold Coast can engrave your 3D image, text, or logo, onto a wide range of flat plate materials and more, like:

  • Aluminium

  • Wood and other timbers

  • MDF boards

  • Steel

  • Wide ranges of plastic

  • Acrylics 

  • Stones such as marble

Custom or personalised designs

You can customise your personal design for 3d engraving to virtually any shape. Driven by CAD software, our machines can create complicated textures and designs to both engrave and cut.

Simply provide us with a vector file such as EPS, AI, CDR, DXF, IGS, or PDF, and we can help engrave your 3d etched product. To ensure your engraved piece lasts, we can highlight etches with black paint to create vivid pictures.

With a library of over 35,000 fonts and images ready to share, we can help you create your 3d engraved product in the design stages too. 

3D Laser Engraving Sizes

Using our laser cutting and engraving machine, we can help create small and bulk orders with maximum sheet sizes of up to 1300 x 900 mm.

The maximum or minimum size of your 3D engraved good can depend on your chosen material and design. We encourage you to contact us to talk more about the sizes you want to create for your 3D etched product.

Free quotes with time estimates

For free quotes on 3D engraving, simply contact us and provide details or the imagery you’d like us to laser engrave. Or, simply give us a JPG picture of bitmap files to see the item you’d like to create.

Time estimates for your order may depend on factors such as the material you’d like to engrave, the design you’d like etched, and the number of etched products you’d like made. 

For a reliable, fast estimate on your 3D engraving services, please contact us or use the button below to get your free quote.

3D Engraved Product
3D Laser Engraved Picture on Wood
3D Engraving Images Laser Etching

3D Laser Engraving FAQs

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