Acrylic Cut To Size

Trade names: Perspex®, Plexiglass.

"Perspex®" or otherwise known as "Acrylic" is well known for its crystal clarity, impact resistance and excellent weather ability.

Acrylics have been used extensively for many applications since the material was first invented in 1927 by Rohn & Haas A. G.

One of its first major uses was in air craft canopies, due to its formability, clarity, weather resistance & high impact resistance in comparison to glass. Many other applications have been created for this versatile product such as Signage, Point of Sale Displays, Food Dispensers, Safety windows and all manner of fabricated products due to the ease of machining and gluing of the material.


Deflection temperature under load (DTUL) are 75-100 Deg. Cent continuous service temperatures is 50 Deg. Cent.

Acrylics are unaffected by most household detergents, cleaning agents, and solutions of inorganic acids, alkalies, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Acrylics should not be used with chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.

Clear only has remarkable clarity where a beam of light falls normally on to the surface of the acrylic an overall light transmission of about 92% will be achieved.

Acrylics are combustible and this must be considered if used as a building material...... View More Information on Acrylic Cut To Size

Acrylic Cut To Size

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