Custom plastic fabrication on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Brisbane

Custom Plastic Fabrication Gold Coast

Plastic fabrication covers the most diversified range of processes performed on thermoplastic materials.

Covering the initial cutting, machining, line bending, welding, gluing, diamond polishing, drilling and assembly of a huge range of thermoplastic materials, P & M Plastics & Rubber have the facilities for jobs of all sizes.

From fabricating large Kmart opal acrylic signage to hot air welding of large HDPE, PVC polypropylene water tanks for motorhomes to line bending of clear acrylic sneeze guards for the retail food industry, we can manufacture it.

Why use P & M Plastics

Whether you provide us detailed plans to work with or collaborate with us, we can create and engineer customised solutions quickly and effectively.

  • Skilled and experienced plastic fabricators who have been in the industry for over 30 years
  • We can scale our manufacturing from simple prototypes to a whole production line and everything in between
  • Our machinery is some of the best modern CNC equipment available on the Gold Coast
  • We are able to expertly tackle any size job from a water tank down to small signage
  • We can produce quick turnaround prototypes
  • One-off projects to long-term contracts
  • Large range of material on hand

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Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

What we do best

CNC Water Jet Cutting

Our CNC water jet cutting machine can cut all types of plastics (and other materials) into virtually any shape, text or design you can imagine.

CNC Vacuum Forming

We have a several specialised vacuum forming machines with a variety of applications which can be used with a number of different materials.

CNC Router Cutting

We operate a range of the most versatile CNC router cutting machines available perfect for cutting a wide selection of plastics and other materials.

CNC Laser Cutting

We offer very competitive prices and a superb turnaround when it comes to our sophisticated laser cutting machinery, perfect for a wide spectrum of materials including most plastics.

Plastic Thermoforming

Our skilled trades persons specialise in the plastic thermo forming process and our ovens can be used for a variety of applications.

2D Laser Engraving

The 2D engraving process can be used on a range of plastic materials - our experienced staff are also happy to help in the design stages if required.

Materials we use

For a free cutting/forming/engraving quote for your next plastic fabrication project call us today on 07 5535 7544 or click the button below

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