P&M Plastics have been supplying Vacuum Formed U.V. resistant plastic Glove Box & Driving Consoles to suit a range of fishing and pleasure craft for many years.
We also manufacture thermoformed & fabricated Acrylic & Polycarbonate windscreens, PVC air intake manifolds for large and small vessels.

We also supply High Density Polyethylene Fishing Rod & tackle supports, Cutting Boards (for fishing etc), storage pockets & cup holders are made to suit most vessels.
We supply the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) a range of services & products. These include machining of Marine Ply frames & Internal walls, Cupboards & Bed Enclosures, Stainless steel vents, Stainless & Plastic vessel Name Plates, Acrylic Glass & Bottle inserts for Bar drawers, Acrylic plate, Saucer & Cup Inserts for cupboards.
From plastic skids on trailers to boat rollers, we manufacture and sell a large range of marine products...

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