Custom Manufactured Polypropylene Tanks, Polyethylene Tanks and PVC tanks


Water Tanks, Transportation tanks, Chemical Tanks, Marine and Bunding

P&M Plastics have been Fabricating custom Polypropylene tanks and Polyethylene Tanks for years and we understand that it is not just a matter of welding pieces of material together to produce a plastic Tank.

All our tanks are engineered for each individual application, whether you require an open top tank for chemical dipping or a fully enclosed tank for water cartage our Tanks are made to last.

We also fabricate corrosion resistant sinks and compartmented tanks of custom shapes and volumes

Why a P&M Plastic Tank

PVC,  Polypropylene,  Polyethylene

  • Our welders have accreditation to current Australian standards
  • Hot Gas or Extrusion welded to a standard that is greater than required
  • Material thickness is determined by the engineered characteristics of the application.
  • Internal baffles on all transportation tanks.
  • Internal pipe work if required. Fully welded in PVC, PP, HDPE
  • Fittings, flanges and accessories as required.
  • Spark Tested
  • Water Tested

Custom Tank Water Tank
Chemical Tank Holding Tank
Transportation Tank Coach Tank
Trailer Tank Rinse Tank
Foam Tank Farm Tank
Spray Tank Bunting
Cartage Tank Polypropylene Tank
Polyethylene Tank PVC Tank
Toilet Tank Diesel tank
Fire Tank Drinking Water Tank

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