Perspex® Impressions

Perspex® Impressions

Perspex® Impressions Linear adds a completely new aspect to the world renowned Perspex® Brand.

It is a sophisticated new pattern which enhances the stylish appearance and superb performance of Perspex® acrylic by adding an element of both design and texture

To the surface of the sheet.

Inspired ny the emerging trend for greater depth and textures in materials, Perspex® Impressions Linear was specifically created to appeal to designers, architects,

Brands, retailers & shop fitters who are seeking a material with the potential to create a truly unique look and feel.


  • 9 classic colours
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Suitable for fabrication and thermoforming
  • Pattern cannot be rubbed or scratched off.
  • Durability and colour consistency
  • Unique Gloss finish ONE side & Pattern finish on the other
  • Carries the Perspex® 10 year External / Internal guarantee
  • Up to 17 times the impact resistance of glass
  • Depth & Texture in materials
  • Suitable for indoor &  outdoor applications.
  • 100% recyclable


  • Room Partitions
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Interior design
  • POP
  • Great Resilience and resistance to wear.


  • All colours in ..3mm & 5mm Thick

Sheet Size: 

  • 3050 X 2030mm
  • 1525 X 2030mm
  • 3050 X 1015mm
Perspex® Impressions Product Guide
Perspex Impressions Brochure
Impressions 'Linear' Black Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Red Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Grey Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Purple Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Lime Green Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Brown Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Opal Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Clear Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Glass Look Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Perspex
Impressions 'Linear' Perspex

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