Perspex® Fluorescent

Perspex® Fluorescent

In the world of retail display and point of sale where every inch of floor space is precious and every buyer's attention is competed for designers of Interior signs, displays and POS (point of sale) need a product that will drive their ideas to a new edge.

Now they have it - with fabulous new Perspex® Fluorescent - a range of exciting new colours from Perspex® acrylic brand. Developed to give all the benefits you would expect from Perspex® acrylic - excellent quality, performance and design capability plus an extra edge an intense and vibrant "live-edge" effect unlike any other. Perspex® Fluorescent will make any design stand out from the crowd.

Also available is new Perspex® Fluorescent Anti-Reflective which gives a soft sheer surface texture punctuated by a dramatic Fluorescent edge.

Perspex® Fluorescent carries a 10 year guarantee that covers both Internal and External applications and is available in a range of sheets sizes and thicknesses. Please download availability chart for more information.

Colour Range:
1. Acid Green 2. Lava Orange 3. Mars Red 4. Neptune Blue 5. Solar Yellow
Colours shown below are a guide only, final decisions should be made directly from actual samples.

Perspex Flouro Colors, flouro acrylic


Perspex® Fluorescent Anti Reflective Perspex, Fluoro, Acrylic, Perspex sheet

Perspex® Fluorescent Anti Reflective acrylic sheets are anti-reflective sheets with a striking fluorescent edge and a soft sheer finish. Part of the innovative range of Perspex® brand, Perspex® Fluorescent anti-reflective acrylic sheets feature a double-sided textured surface along with the fluorescent edge effect.

Perspex® Fluorescent Anti Reflective acrylic sheets are suitable for a wide range of indoor POP, POS, architectural, design and display applications ranging from signs and shelving to window displays and interior design.Perspex® Fluorescent anti-reflective acrylic sheets have been launched in an exciting range of five contemporary colours.

An added advantage of the Perspex® Fluorescent Anti Reflective sheets is the soft sheer surface texture on both sides of the sheet, punctuated by the striking fluorescent edge effect to give endless possibilities to the designer.

Key features of Perspex® Fluorescent Anti Reflective acrylic sheets
Translucent finish
Fluorescent edge effect
Anti Reflective sheer effectFluoro Perspex, perspex colors, acrylic colors
Choice of vibrant and modern colours
Ideal for POP, retail and interior displays or signs





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