P&M Plastics and Rubber manufacture a diverse range of industrial products.

From the machining of High Density Polyethylene drive wheels for conveyors to designing plastic skirting & lining of dump truck bins for better wear and un-loading speed, we have the ability to see the problem and engineer a specialty plastic materials.
We manufacture PVC pipe headers & PVC air tubes for use in aeration tanks in sewerage treatment Installations. We have re-designed and re-engineered Vacuum Formed plastic air intakes for Air filtration systems used on compressors & high pressure plastic air blower components used in Car Wash stations to Dust Extraction Systems.

The Laser, Router & waterjet cutting play a large part in the manufacture of the special components  that we machine, fabricate & assemble for industries such as the Mining Industry, Engineering, Electrical, Plumbing & Civil works projects.

From industrial plastic piping assemblies for commercial projects to the assembly of plastic acid tanks, we have the experienced people and specialised equipment to help you design and manufacture your needs.

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