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Foamed Rubber


Crosslinked - Closed Cell - Polyethylene Foam - heat laminated to
reinforced 9um Aluminium Foil Facing.

Product Benefits

  • Thermal Conductivity - Effective insulation against heat transfer, with a very low K value of 0.032 w/mK @ 20ºC Fire Hazard Rating - Meets the requirements of AS15530.3 for the Building Code of Australia Acoustical Properties - Reduces the transmission of noise and vibration Moisture Barrier - Closed cell structure is impervious to water and becomes the barrier in application Product Resistance - High resistance to detergents, dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols, ketones, exters and fungi Temperature Range - has a wide range of performance from -80ºC to 100ºC.
  • Compression Effect - Crosslinked foam results in a light but very strong material that prevents deformation around duct corners and pin mountings ensuring consistent insulation performance.

Advantage to Applicators

  • No Health Hazards - Does not emit dust or fibre particles Safe to Handle - Non-irritant with no special clothing requirements such as gloves or face masks Easy to Install - Light, flexible and easily cut and fabricated on site with a sharp knife Damage Resistant - Can be easily transported without costly damage problems.
  • Optional Adhesive - Can be supplied with acrylic adhesive for quicker installation.

Advantage to End Users

  • Energy Saving - An excellent thermal product reducing costs on both heating and cooling Noise Reducing - Reduces and deadens transmission of airborne and structural noise Health & Safety - Does not store or emit dust or fibre particles.
  • Protective Transport - Cannot be easily torn and provide excellent impact resistance.

Estimated Measure of Heat Flow Reduction (U)

  • FormShield achieves an excellent insulation against heat loss from its low thermal conductivity and its crosslinked cellular structure As an example, 10mm thick FormShield is a very cost effective product providing 90% heat flow reduction The ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ as illustrated in the graph shows that an increase from 10-25mm FormShield provides only an additional 5% of insulation performance.
  • Further thicknesses produce only a negligible increase in performance.

Heat Flow Reduction

Suggested Application Method

  • Wrap FormShield around the duct work surface as tightly as possible Fasten in position with fixing pins at 400mm maximum centres. Ensure the FormShield is installed butt-jointed or overlapped Fabricate material to fit with a sharp knife All edges and joints should be sealed with a 75mm reinforced aluminium foil adhesive tape The figures and specifications within this literature are not standard but merely representative values from tests Ks3014, ASTM C-51, D3575, JISK6767, JIS-A1405 and AS1530.3-1989. The seller makes no warranties or recommendations as to the use of FormShield fora particular purpose
  • Further data contained within are typical laboratory results only and do not represent a guarantee of performance in any application

Self Adhesive Foam Tapes

Black Closed Cell, PVC / Nitrite Rubber Sealant, Tape

  • Available in a medium / soft grade 4900
  • Available in a medium / firm grade 4700
  • Good resistance to weathering, ageing, UV light, fungi, and most chemicals.

Typical Applications

Automotive gaskets & seals, refrigeration, air-conditioning, buses & off-road vehicles, marine construction (hatches), truck cabs & body seals and general closure applications.

Application Guide

  • Surfaces should be clean before application.
  • Avoid touching adhesive surface before application.
  • Lincoln Sentry Industrial Products recommends pre-testing of this product prior to commercial application.

Available in ROLL or "Cut To Size"

- Any of the above sizes can be cut to length
- MINIMUM of 1.0 Mte.

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