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PERSPEX® Pool Guards

Posted on 10 December 2018
PERSPEX® Pool Guards

DIY PERSPEX® Pool Guards made to order to Comply with Pool Fencing Safety Standards


As a home owner, you are responsible for maintaining your pool barriers and meeting the
City of Gold Coast Pool Fencing Regulations and safety Standards.
Failure to comply with new legislation can result in fines of up to $20K ..

You can find out more information about your responsibilities on this web address..

We can supply PERSPEX® or LEXAN sheet product in flat sheet or bent, to bring your
existing Pool Fencing up to the required standards.
There are two types of materials that are approved and can be used on POOL Fence
Guards. PERSPEX® Sheet (Acrylic) & LEXAN Sheet (Polycarbonate).

PERSPEX® sheet is the most widely used material for POOL Fence Guards to meet the
strict standards laid down by the Gold Coast City Council & Queensland Building &
Construction Commission Safety Standards.
Thickness is normally 3mm thick clear but for larger areas 4.5mm thick material may be
neededtalk to us and we can advise.

PERSPEX® Pool Guards have an impact strength 17 times stronger than glass, has excellent
UV resistance and can be made into virtually any shape.
PERSPEX® will crack under severe impact, but will not shatter like glass..
LEXAN Polycarbonate is sold under the trade name of LEXAN and has a superior impact
strength of up to 250 times that of glass, it is fire resistant & mechanically a lot stronger but
more flexible material.


LEXAN Polycarbonate has a UV protected film on both sides of the sheet of which gives a
guaranteed 10 years of service outdoors whereas PERSPEX® is guaranteed for 30 years as it
has in-built UV stabilises within the material.

LEXAN Polycarbonate sheet has a 89% light transmission of light, compared to 92% for

Both materials can be cut with conventional jig-saws, routers and panel saws.
The material must always be laid flat on a surface and be well supported, when doing any
cutting, use carbide tipped negative rake saw blades for best results. (Available at Bunnings)
PERSPEX® can be cut on a Laser Machine leaving polished edge or router cut whereas
LEXAN Polycarbonate can only be cut using a jig saws, routers & panel saws.

When drilling into PERSPEX® or LEXAN Polycarbonate, use a drill with a tip that has been
ground to give a neutral rake at the cutting edge(or use a blunt drill) Always have the
material well supported and do not rush, use a block of wood under where you are
drilling.. if it drills to easily the drill bits too sharp!
Do not place holes too close to the edge..the material will break..suggest 30mm in from

DO NOT POP RIVET PERSPEX® sheet, it will crack, always drill an oversize hole, say
6mm dia. and use a roofing screw with a rubber washerdo not over tighten.the larger
hole is to allow for expansion and contraction of the material.
LEXAN Polycarbonate should also not be pop riveted as cracks will appear around this area
over time.

Both materials are easily cleaned using a 100% cotton cloth or microfiber and simple soapy
water..Water based window cleaners such as WINDEX are ideal.
Do not use any organic solvent based cleaners on these materials as they will attack the
surface causing damage..

LEXAN Polycarbonate Sheet scratches more easily than PERSPEX®, so it depends where it
is being used..from an earth moving machine (requires impact resistance) to a pool fence
guard (a guard only).

PERSPEX® sheet also has much better chemical resistance than LEXAN Polycarbonate.
Both products may be guaranteed for outdoor use, although LEXAN Polycarbonate does not
have the same UV guarantee than PERSPEX® outdoors.

LEXAN Polycarbonate sheet is approx.. 35% more expensive than a PERSPEX® sheet of
the same size and thicknesshowever, where you would use 4.5mm thick PESPEX®,
you can use 3mm Thick LEXAN Polycarbonate.

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