Acryplex Architectural Sheet

Acryplex TM Hi Gloss is the latest development in premium PMMA sheet by PM Plastics. Ideal for creating outstanding High Gloss signage, Point of Sale display units, office partitioning and anywhere a superior depth of colour and gloss is required.

Available in 6 colours; White , Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. In 3 mm, 2465 x 1240mm sheets.

Acryplex TM Hi Gloss can be cut, bent, drape moulded or vacuum formed without any cracking or peeling of the coloured layer.

Acryplex TM is manufactured using premium PMMA resins. The colour is integrated within the sheet, not, sprayed or laminated.

Custom colours, guages and sheet sizes can be made upon request, so for that corporate colour and WOW factor, contact us today!

Acryplex Architectural Sheet

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