Welcome to P&M Plastics and Rubber

P&M Plastics and Rubber uses the latest in computer and machine technology to manufacture a large range of customised plastic products.

P&M Plastics and Rubber has recently been appointed Queensland Reseller for


fabrication & design gaming fabrication and design Industrial plastic fabrication and design
Shopfitting and signage fabrication and design Marine Plastic fabrication and design Transport plastics Fabrication and design


Our industries include TransportEmergency Services, Industrial, Gaming, Marine, Shop Fitting and Signage. P&M Plastics have over 25 years experience in plastic fabrication, router cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, thermo and vacuum forming of plastic.

Our innovative manufacturing facilities offer a wide range of advanced cutting technologies which cut, engrave and form all kinds of materials into various shapes and component products such as signage, bus, coach and automotive components.

At P&M Plastics all products are designed by experienced plastic fabricator and produced utilising advanced manufacturing technologies. P&M Plastics research and development department plays an integral part in this process. The team take pride in their work which reflects in the quality products and reliable services delivered.

 "Our innovative processes manufacture quality products and components at competitive prices. This has given our customers a high level of satisfaction which makes P&M Plastics stand out."

 Please click on video (top left) to hear more from the Director of P&M Plastics - Leon James.

"Plastics" is a very generic word when it comes to our industry and some common brands and types of Plastics are Acrylic, Plexiglas, Modern Glass, AN, JM, Polycarbonate, Lexan, Margard, Macrolon, Bayer, Polypropylene, Plaspanel, Polyethylene, Simona, Rocheling, Nanya, Palram, ABS, PETG, Foam Pvc, Hips, Euromir Acrylic Mirror, Satin ice,

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