Self Adhesive Foam Tapes

Black Closed Cell, PVC / Nitrite Rubber Sealant, Tape

  • Available in a medium / soft grade 4900
  • Available in a medium / firm grade 4700
  • Good resistance to weathering, ageing, UV light, fungi, and most chemicals

Typical Applications

Automotive gaskets & seals, refrigeration, air-conditioning, buses & off-road vehicles, marine construction (hatches), truck cabs & body seals and general closure applications.

Application Guide

  • Surfaces should be clean before application.
  • Avoid touching adhesive surface before application.
  • Lincoln Sentry Industrial Products recommends pre-testing of this product prior to commercial application.

Available in ROLL or "Cut to Size"

  • Any of the above sizes can be cut to length
  • MINIMUM of 1.0 Mte.


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