Perspex® Pearlescent

Perspex® Pearlescent, has been specially created to offer an attractive new effect to designers and specifiers whether in the world of POS (point of sale), display and visual communications, or in other areas of design, such as furniture and interiors.

Formulated to provide a range of products all with a softly shimmering lustre, Perspex® Pearlescent gives an inviting almost luminous effect which can be further enhanced by altering the light source and direction.

Perspex® Pearlescent carries a 10 year guarantee that covers both Internal and External applications and is available in a range of sheets sizes and thicknesses. Please download availability chart for more information.

Colour Range:
1. Antique, 2. Pearl, 3. Azure, 4. Candy, 5. Caramel Gold, 6. Copper, 7. Platinum,

Colours shown below are a guide only, final decisions should be made directly from actual samples